Helpful Frequently Asked Questions for you.
  1. Q
    What is ParkBox?
    ParkBox is an eco-friendly street parking mobile integrated technology service. Our vision to bringing green environment for motorists to have the hassle free channel to perform the city’s parking sessions.
  2. Q
    Why do I need to submit my phone number to register?
    For first time users, we will be giving you an activation code to the number you’ve provided for us to ensure the authenticity of your number. This is also important for us to get in touch with you when there’s user guide needed or account updates.
  3. Q
    Why should I use ParkBox?
    ParkBox improves the way motorist perform street parking session and make you parking easy, convenient and safety. Also to keep you notify upon expired.
  4. Q
    How much does it cost?
    ParkBox does not charge motorist anything extra. All you have to pay only is the authority defined parking rate.
  5. Q
    How do I start making a parking session?
    Download the ParkBox iOS app in App Store or Android app in Google Play Store for FREE.
  6. Q
    How’s the authority’s officer know?
    Authority officer will verify your car plate number via the enforcement application and they will have your parking session status.
  7. Q
    What phones and OS are compatible with the app?
    As long as you have either a Google Android, Apple iOS smartphone or tablet, then you’re good to go!
  8. Q
    I don’t have a smartphone, how?
    Don't worry! Call your loves one or anyone near you, they are able to make the parking session for you, with just provide them car plate number and duration to park.